Jennifer Hersch, DO
I am a board certified adult psychiatrist specializing in providing psychiatric consultations to adult patients ages 18 and over. Our office practice specializes in Wellness Psychiatry, which refers to an incorporation of a variety of tools including medication and therapy to return the mind and body to a state of wellness. I believe that medication is often a necessary tool in treating mental illness,  but I also believe that there are many other tools available to guide the mind and body back to a state of wellness, and that it usually cannot be accomplished by taking medication alone.  I offer medication consultation along with brief psychotherapy and other tools to help manage your overall mental and physical health.  I do not at this time offer individual psychotherapy alone due to the high demand for medication consultation.  I am generally a proponent of regular exercise, meditation, stress reduction exercises, prioritizing self-care, abstinence from tobacco and illicit drugs, and healthy eating as the mainstay of mental health and wellness.  

Please note I am only taking new patients who are seeking a consultation and short-term management and stabilization (over several months), I am not taking new patients who simply need medication refills, are already stable on medication, or have chronic, long-term needs.  These patients I would recommend going to Community Hospital of Long Beach's outpatient clinic, their phone number is 562-494-9388.  In addition, we have two nurse practitioners available in our office at 562-427-3897.